Connecting your WBSMS System to Woottext

Connecting your WBSMS System to Woottext

Once you have your package set up and have found a keyword or two to get started with, you can connect your Woottext account to your WBSMS System.

Before logging into your WBSMS System, you'll need to grab your Woottext Key and Token. You can find these two strings on your Woottext home page at

Either copy and paste these two strings into a notepad, or leave this tab open and open a new tab to log into your WBSMS System with. Make sure if you copy and paste the info into a notepad you label which string is which!

Now that you have your Woot Key and Token you'll need to enter these strings in your settings in WBSMS. In your WBSMS System from your main dashboard click on 'Manage' from the navigation menu in the top right corner of your screen, this will take you to the main Admin Dashboard.

From the main Admin Dashboard click on Settings, and then SMS Gateway Info. The first time you come to this page you will see a warning that says, 'SMS Shortcode service is not connected and is disabled. Turn On Now.' Click Turn On Now to reveal the Woot Key and Woot Token fields. Enter your Woot Key and Token and click Save and your Woottext account will be connected with your WBSMS System!

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