Transferring a Short code Keyword to a Client

Transferring a Short code Keyword to a Client

If you want to use a short code keyword with one of your client's campaigns, you'll need to make sure they are set up on an appropriate package and add the desired keyword to their account. If you are going to be using your short code keyword campaign from your Admin account, you can skip this step and move on to Using Short Code Keywords with Your WBSMS Campaigns.

Before adding a keyword to a client account you'll want to make sure they have enough shortcode keyword credits. This will be determined by the package they are on when they are added to your system (each client can start off with maybe one shortcode keyword credit), or you can manually add a shortcode keyword to a chosen client when needed.

For now you can just manually add a short code keyword credit to a client, just like we did for our admin account in the Adding Keywords to Your WBSMS section above. The only difference is instead of having your admin name selected in the drop down, select a client's name and add one (or more)short code keyword credits to their account.

Once a client has the appropriate amount of shortcode keyword credits you can transfer them any keyword you have added to your system by returning to the Short Code Info settings page and clicking the Transfer icon next to any keyword you have added to your system.

Choose the client you wish to transfer the keyword to from the drop down, then click the green arrow and confirm the transfer.