Using Short Code Keywords with Your WBSMS Campaigns

Using Short Code Keywords with Your WBSMS Campaigns

Finally, now that you have your Woottext account hooked to WBSMS and your keywords added, you are ready to pick a campaign to assign to your 69696 keyword.

Please Note: In order to be able to send messages from 69696 you must also have your Append Text setup. This is the text that is appended to every text message sent from your WBSMS System and should be a brief explanation on how to opt out. For example: “Txt stop 2 quit.”

If you see the warning message on your main dashboard as shown below, this means you still need toset up your Append Text for your account.

To do this make sure you are on the Main Dashboard and click 'Settings' then click 'SMS Information'.

Fill in your desired SMS Append Text in the appropriate field and then click Save.

You can use Short Code Keywords with most of the different campaign types. For this example we will be assigning a short code keyword to an already made standard Keyword Campaign. If you do not already have a standard Keyword Campaign created, please follow the instructions on how to set one up (found in the training section on Keyword Campaigns).

To assign a short code keyword to a campaign your Keyword campaign from the Main Dashboard click My SMS Campaigns and then Keyword.

Select the campaign you wish to assign a shortcode keyword to. In the example below we chose our default campaign with the title deal and will be adding our short code keyword 'special2013.' Note that the keyword for the campaign you have set up already does not have to match the short code keyword you want to assign to it.Go to Step 1 of your campaign and select the desired short code keyword you wish to use from the drop down and then click the Save button. That's it! The keyword 'special2013' (or whichever shortcode keyword you selected) will now work on the short code 69696 and will use this campaign that is already set up!

Please Note: You still must have a long code phone number selected in Step 2 which is why we used a previously built campaign for this example. If you built a campaign from scratch to use with a shortcode keyword, make sure to complete Step 2 and select a long code phone number!